XOOPS GitHub Twitter Block added

    • Published by Admin on 23-May-2017 10:00 (320 reads)
    If you would like to see what is XOOPS doing on GitHub, you can subscribe to our GitHub Twitter: https://twitter.com/xoopsgithub

    I have also added a block with recent tweets timeline:

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  • MyWords This module will allow...

    MyWords This module will allow... This module will allow you to create a news or articles section, or even a blog in your web site in a quick and easy way. Now you can concentrate in content and forget configuration and all complications of other similar modules.
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    Two awesome XOOPS gwReports

    Two awesome XOOPS gwReports a) gwReports is a serious MySQL reporting tool implemented as a module for XOOPS. gwReports allows the module administrator to enter SQL queries in such a way that they can be run by users in a controlled manner. The module administrator defines...

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