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Policy: Offline Browsers / Website Copiers

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There have been a recent rash of users attempting to make offline copies of www.xoops.org and wiki.xoops.org.

Our policy: Don't.

Many offline copiers are setup to make many simultaneous requests to a website to improve copying performance. A busy website like XOOPS.org gets a lot of traffic (averages 3.5 GB transfered daily), and these offline copiers can easily eat up connections meant for normal users. If we catch a website copier, their address will be banned at the firewall.

First offense - a 1 hour temp ban
Second offense - a 1 day temp ban
Third offense - a permanent ban

This may sound harsh, but offline copiers negatively affect site performance; giving a false impression on the quality of XOOPS.

If you have a special request or need content on xoops.org for offline use, you may contact one of the webmasters asking for permission. It is e

Posted on: 5/15 12:45
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