PM'ing Webmasters
  • 2020/5/13 9:09

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This is getting a bit out of hand and therefore this service announcement:

PM's sent to me that could just as well be asked in the forums will be deleted on sight and ignored.

I try to give good answers to as many problems and posts as I can, but I am getting really tired of receiving PM's with questions such as:

- How do I make a module?
- I get a blank page, what is wrong?
- Could you look at this thread, please (link to thread about blank page or other problems available in the XOOPS FAQ)

We have SO much information available through searching the forums and in the XOOPS FAQ that I really don't have time for responding to such enquiries. This is nothing personal and I hate to ignore people like that - but that's how it is.

You are still welcome to send PM's to the webmasters with enquiries such as these:

- This user [xxx] is spamming
- I have discovered a security hole in XOOPS/a XOOPS module
- I submitted a module to the repository more than a week ago, did you receive it?
- This/these xoops.org page(s) throw errors/are blank/look messed up

I cannot speak on behalf of the other webmasters, but I will enforce this policy on my own PM inbox from this moment onwards.

Thank you for your understanding

Re: PM'ing Webmasters
  • 2020/5/13 17:57

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