WGTimelines 1.12 ready for testing
  • 2020/5/13 18:08

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We have SO much information available through searching the forums and in the XOOPS FAQ that I really don't have time for responding to such enquiries. This is nothing personal and I hate to ignore people like that - but that's how it is.

You are still welcome to send PM's to the webmasters with enquiries such as these:

- This user [xxx] is spamming
- I have discovered a security hole in XOOPS/a XOOPS module
- I submitted a module to the repository more than a week ago, did you receive it?
- This/these xoops.org page(s) throw errors/are blank/look messed up

I cannot speak on behalf of the other webmasters, but I will enforce this policy on my own PM inbox from this moment onwards.

Thank you for your understanding

Re: WGTimelines 1.12 ready for testing
  • 2020/5/13 19:29

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